I’m in discussion with Glenn Buggy about workplace diversity. A subject that has become an increasingly hot topic over the past few years and yet still few companies really managed to fully incorporate diversity, let alone inclusion.

Glenn, a professional with a particular sense for judgement of talent, focuses both within his own firm and within his clients’ organizations, on tackling the issue, for long-term positive impact.

I’ll share short pieces of our discussion, per subject. This is the fourth.

Having a successful diversity and inclusion strategy in place also fosters retention, how do you see that?

While federal laws clearly define when and how employees can take time off to accommodate a life event, it’s important to create a flexible work environment that supports all employees throughout their life stages and needs.

Forging a culture that allows parents flexibility with childcare, provides competitive maternity and paternity leave. And generally, caring about employees’ wellbeing outside of work will help you attract employees and retain those you have invested so much time and training in.

It is important to show that your company is actively promoting women and under-represented groups at the corporate level, while crafting initiatives at subsidiary, division and portfolio company levels.

You might find that some of your company’s leaders could use peer-to-peer best practice guidance by adding specific programs such as inclusion of adults with intellectual disabilities into your workforce. Other areas could be practices surrounding maternity leave and implementing and supporting a women’s return to the workplace program.

These are just a few situations where there are opportunities to improve retention at your company. Of course there are many more and they vary per industry, company and also geographic location.

“Diversity and inclusion’s greatest value comes when it is embraced not only as a set of HR initiatives, but also as a holistic business program. Linking your strategy to include business, financial management leaders and influencers creates this connection that can ultimately deliver increased performance and financial value.”


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